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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Bill Dudney

Gala Factory Software LLC

Core Animation on the iPhone: How to Build Animated UI’s

Core Animation is what gives the iPhone its distinctive and amazingly beautiful animated user interface. This session will focus on getting you up to speed on how animation on the iPhone works and how you can take advantage of it in your own applications. We will cover the various animation types and how to control their timing. You will also learn how to make animations that look and act like they would in the real world. The iPhone is an amazingly exciting platform and Core Animation is one of the technologies that make it what it is, come to this session and learn how to build applications that take advantage of this really exciting technology.

Building Location Aware Apps on iPhone: Taking Advantage of the Location Aware Nature of iPhone

Ever get out of the cab and know there must be a Starbucks within 2 blocks of where you are standing but not sure which direction to go to get there? Well with the location aware API built into the iPhone you can find not only where you are but what direction you need to go to get where you need to be. In this session we will cover the API's that make these kinds of applications possible. We will also go over the best practices of how to make your application a good citizen on the iPhone when using the location API's.

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Bill Dudney is a long time open source advocate. Since downloading his first copy of Emacs in 1990 he has been an avid user, and more recently Bill has been actively involved in several open source projects. He is a committer on the Apache Software Foundation's MyFaces project ( and he helped the Cayenne project in its transition to the Apache foundation (

Bill is the author of the forthcoming Core Animation for OS X, due for release in July and currently available in Beta format.

Bill has also written several books on Java and open source, including Mastering Java ServerFaces. In addition to his involvement in open source, Bill has been doing Java development for 10 years and enterprise computing for 15. At NASA Bill built software for the Space Shuttle program. Bill has realized the benefits of an open software development process and has helped others, including large and small companies, realize the same benefits.

In addition to the JSF title, Bill has also co-authored several other books, J2EE AntiPatterns, Jakarta Pitfalls and Eclipse Live.