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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Dan Morrill


Android Development

This session will cover the architectural pieces of an Android application, including Activities, Services, Content Providers and Notifications. It will also cover subjects like Android tooling, Activity lifecycle, data storage and some of the extra APIs now available like geo/location APIs and multimedia APIs.

Google App Engine

Your applications, Google infrastructure. This session will cover development basics up through deployment of your web application on Google's infrastructure, and will give coding examples like constructing a wiki and providing web services. It will also cover the available APIs like the Users API, Mail API and Data Persistence API.

Photo of Dan Morrill

Dan Morrill is a Developer Advocate for Google, where he helps developers build products with things like the Google Web Toolkit and Android. Before joining Google Developer Programs in 2006, he was a computer scientist at GE Research, where he gave himself headaches switching between JavaScript web development and integrated circuit design. Dan lives in San Francisco with his wife.