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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

David Moskowitz

Productivity Solutions, Inc.

Service Validation, Incremental and Iterative Development – What's Really Behind Agile Development

We talk about services-oriented architectures, software as a service, service-oriented programming and more. The term service is horribly overloaded. How do you validate the "service" delivered to the client? There are specific process models that can be followed to assure that what is delivered to the client matches the need at the time of delivery. In this presentation, David will examine the differences between iterative and incremental development, and how to apply a V model (Validation model) to the process.

David will provide a formal definition for the term “service,” derived from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Using that definition as a basis, he'll cover the differences between incremental (related to scope) and iterative (related to schedules) development using a V Model. The overall context and goal of this presentation is to reduce the cost and improve the quality of the software development process.

It Ain't Done...

Just because we've delivered the software doesn't mean that we're finished with it. How do we refactor and refine what we’ve done to provide continual improvement for the user? In this presentation David will examine models for continual improvement of the software development / service development delivery process.

There is no denying that getting it right for the user/customer requires feedback. However, the real objective is to not only deliver, but maintain value throughout the life cycle of the software service. Ad hoc approaches don't work. David will cover 2 critical areas derived from ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library): the transition from development to live environment; and two different and proven models for process improvement that also formalize what is required to create a learning IT organization that ultimately can exceed the expectations of users (and customers).

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David Moskowitz is a Principal Consultant at Productivity Solutions, Inc., a Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania-based consulting firm that helps its clients thrive in an eBusiness economy. David is an object-oriented mentor and architect. In these capacities, he has guided many successful projects. He is currently serving as the architect for a Web 2.0 startup that will offer both a service-oriented architecture framework and software as a service. The goal for the effort is to create a Web-based business model that capitalizes on the strengths of the respective different approaches (SOA and SaaS). David has been a speaker at every Colorado Software Summit and his sessions are always timely, well rated and attended.