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The Best Way to Master a Technology Is to Teach It to Others

Bruce Snyder

Organic Element

Service Oriented Integration with Apache ServiceMix

SOA is simply a way to think when designing systems. Service oriented integration is a way to leverage investments in existing IT systems using the principles of SOA. Apache ServiceMix is an enterprise service bus (ESB) that provides a platform for system integration utilizing reusable components in a service oriented manner. This session will discuss some definitions of an ESB and how to evaluate them, the Java Business Integration (JBI) spec and will discuss development using Apache ServiceMix. This talk will also feature a brief introduction to ServiceMix 4.0, the next generation of the ServiceMix ESB.

Taking Apache Camel for a Ride

The revered Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) book is indispensable for handling messaging-based integration, but utilizing these patterns in your own code can be tedious, especially if you have to write the code from scratch every time. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a simple API for these patterns that makes this easier? Enter Apache Camel, a message routing and mediation engine that provides a POJO-based implementation of the EIP patterns and a wonderfully simple Domain Specific Language (DSL) for expressing message routes. This session will introduce and demonstrate the power of Camel. So go on, take a Camel ride!

Photo of Bruce Snyder

Bruce Snyder is a veteran of enterprise software development and a recognized leader in open source software. Bruce has experience in a wide range of technologies including Java EE, Enterprise Messaging and Service Oriented Integration. In addition to being a principal with Organic Element, Bruce is also an Apache Member, a co-founder of Apache Geronimo and a developer for Apache ActiveMQ, Apache ServiceMix.

Bruce serves as a member of the JCP expert groups, and is the co-author of Professional Apache Geronimo and Beginning Spring Framework 2, both from Wrox Press, and is currently co-authoring Apache ActiveMQ In Action for Manning Publications. Bruce lives in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with his family.